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Install 2sxc and an App of Your Choice

This is just a short blog which will show you the fastest way to install 2sxc (or any other module from the forge) and a specific App.

The reason I wrote it is because these simple steps are needed in most of my blogs.

So let's get started

You will need:

  1. DNN 7.2 or higher (for 2sxc 6+)
  2. 2sxc (newest version) - get it from the forge or directly from Codeplex
  3. The App itself - many Apps will be in the forge and/or in the App-Catalog.

Important Note if you're looking for Tutorial-Apps (to learn Razor or something). These are not shown by default, as they are special purpose. You'll have to set the filter to show these, like this:

These are trivial steps but would take many pictures to explain, so I quickly made a video:

With love from Switzerland,

Daniel Mettler grew up in the jungles of Indonesia and is founder and CEO of 2sic internet solutions in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, an 20-head web specialist with over 800 DNN projects since 1999. He is also chief architect of 2sxc (see github), an open source module for creating attractive content and DNN Apps.

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