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2sxc 9.43 for DNN 7 to 9
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Designed Content - With Repeating Lists

2SexyContent supports various ways to create lists of content without any programming. The lists we are talking about are list of news-items, lists of contacts, list of features, image-lists (for galleries) and more. Note: this page does not discuss lists of data (queried from a database or similar), but lists of items added to the page by the page designer. For that topic, see the features-page...

To discover lists, we have created the following for you:

  1. An introduction video (found on this page)
  2. A list of features you will love (right after the video)
  3. A documentation how to create lists (found in the documentation for lists)
  4. Various demos / apps


Introducting 2sxc Lists

The following video shows you how lists work in 2SexyContent.

What lists can do for you & features