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2sxc 9.43 for DNN 7 to 9
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Copy / Duplicate an entire Site with all Contents

In 2sxc 7.0 we introduced the ability to migrate entire sites - with all content and apps. There are many reasons to do this, like

  1. To copy a site from one DNN-Installation to another
  2. To move a site from a development server to a live server
  3. To copy a live site into a test-environment for further testing / staging
  4. To deliver a fully functional site together with a skin (for skin-creators)

Note that the functionality was developed with the idea, that the entire site is copied into another empty site. Using it in any other way may have strange side effects. 

Understanding Full Site Copying

To get started, you should know these facts about how 2sxc handles it's data:

  1. Content-Items (for example a combination of text and picture or a 10-field-set describing an employee) exist in a list and are then assigned to one or more modules to display on those pages. So to re-create a site, we must export both the content-items and their assignments to the modules/pages where they are used. This Assignment of Content-Items to Modules is called a Content-Group and also includes information like sorting (if multiple items are shown) or what template is to be used.
  2. Each 2sxc-Module on a DNN-Page knows what App (or Content) it is displaying, and what Content-Group. Exporting a full DNN-Site (see instructions below) only exports this reference, but is still missing the Content-Items and the Content-Groups. 
  3. Content-Groups are necessary when duplicating a site but just data-trash if you are exporting content or Apps for other purposes. Because of this, they are not included by default. 

The Overall Process to Copying a Site

In summary, you must follow these steps

  1. Export from Template / Source System
    1. Export the main DNN-Site using standard DNN-Features
    2. Export the entire 2sxc-Content (not just parts) and include the Content-Groups
    3. Export each 2sxc-App and also include the Content-Groups
  2. Import into Target System
    1. Create the target site based on the DNN-Template - this will work, but show many errors on the page
    2. If not done yet, install 2sxc in the newest version in the target system
    3. Then import the 2sxc-Content
    4. Then import all the Apps

Let's look at it in more detail below:

Download Detailed Instructions

Here you will find the detailed instructions - they are still draft, but should be more-or-less correct. 

Download Manual to Copy or Migrate a Site with 2sxc 7.0