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Learn to work with Permissions in 2sxc

Permissions are a new feature of 2sxc 7.1. They allow you to change access rights to views and they also allow you to publish certain data-functionality - like allowing anonymous users to create content on your site (very practical for contact-forms). 

Currently permissions can be applied to these areas:

  2. Queries
  3. Content-Types

Each area has slightly different abilities which I'll try to explain below. 

Understanding Permissions

Basically permissions are simply a set of instructions - saying "On some object, if the Condition applies to the current user, give him the following Grant."

Permissions on Views

When applying permissions to views, the following rules apply:

  1. Any view without any permissions is regarded as public = visible to all users. This is different from the Query or Content-Type permissions, which are regarded as private (not accessible) when no rules are applied. 
  2. No matter what you configure, Admins and higher privileges incl. Host) always have view-access
  3. So of the many possible conditions only the simpler ones make sense (Anonymous, View, Edit) 
  4. The view only cares about Read-grants or any grant which includes read (like Edit). Giving it an exotic grant like "Create" or "Delete" will have no effect