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2sxc 10.05 released with TinyMCE 5 and RazorBlade 2

2sxc 10.05 introduces TinyMCE 5 and RazorBlade 2, and a bunch of enhancements and bugfixes. Here's what you need to know:


  1. Complete rework of the WYSIWYG experience with TinyMCE 5 (previously TinyMCE 4). We'll write an own blog post about this after releasing 10.06 which add some more enhancements. But this includes features like
    1. better mobile editing
    2. source-button already available in default toolbar
    3. better paste features (formatted text, images from clipboard)
  2. The bundled RazorBlade is now version 2.0
  3. DNN 9.4 Compatibility, because 2sxc has been using .net core for many years, and now that DNN also uses some .net core, there were compatibility issues
  4. Tech-Update from Angular 7 to 8.2.4


  1. Adding module to dnn 9 sometimes didn't show button till page refresh #1807
  2. Language switching in sub-dialogs now doesn't affect main dialog
  3. Version dialog works again #1798
  4. Export content app works again (issue with authentication) #1795
  5. Bug in certain dialogs when the app hasn't been selected yet #1797
  6. Certain wysiwyg fields didn't work properly
  7. Bug with GPS picker field
  8. Auto-set focus to wysiwyg when opened
  9. JS Source-Maps work again in the NG8
  10. Error when saving entities without fields (like string-field configurations) #1796
  11. caching issues where new code wasn't loaded #1804
  12. various performance enhancements

Refactoring Work

  1. Changed ngrx/store to handle all of the data using ngrx/data #1808
  2. Cleaned input-type fallback-handling on server instead of JS
  3. External components are now fully configured through metadata
  4. Simplified API for custom input fields (WebComponents)

On our way to LTS

We've been making great progress and we're really proud of it. An huge thanks to Petar who is the lead developer on the new UI. At this rate, we'll probably have a 2sxc 10 LTS out by end of September :). 

Love from Switzerland and Croatia

Daniel Mettler grew up in the jungles of Indonesia and is founder and CEO of 2sic internet solutions in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, an 20-head web specialist with over 800 DNN projects since 1999. He is also chief architect of 2sxc (see github), an open source module for creating attractive content and DNN Apps.

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