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2sxc 14.12 LTS with lots of goodies

2sxc 14.12 is LTS - and has a lot of enhancements you should know about!

Loads of Minor Bugfixes and Security Patches

We've spent a lot of time just hardening the system. For example:

  1. We replaced SharpZipLib with .net ZIP as it had security issues
  2. We replaced Newtonsoft with System.Text.Json for the same reason
  3. We updated ImageFlow to the latest release
  4. We replaced moment.js with day.js
  5. Lots of minor UI enhancements which you'll love, like the improved bool-tristate look
  6. Icons are now included, so they don't use the Google CDN (GDPR)
  7. We fixed more than 100 minor bugs and issues both in code and in the UI
  8. ...and we really tested it a lot! 🌟🌟🌟

New DataSource Users and Roles v14.10

These were introduced in v14.10. You can now create queries accessing users and roles to create directories or select users/roles id dropdowns in the UI.

Formula Improvements and app.json v14.09

  1. Various improvements to formulas so you can check user properties and make decisions based on isAdmin etc.
  2. We've also improved how you can call Web Services from formulas 🚀
  3. There is now a file called App_Data/app.json which allows better export control

Major Toolbar Enhancements v14.08

👉🏽 check out all the tutorials we made to use these toolbars features

SVG Icons

Adding custom icons to toolbars was very difficult. Now you can simply specify the xml of an SVG icon and everything else will happen automatically. 📖 tutorial - docs

Object Parameters with Auto-Merge

Complex parameters for UI (like for SVGs) and other commands can now automatically merge various strings and objects. 

Use 2sxc Toolbars on the Theme

Previously you could only use toolbars on a module, which automatically provided context to the JavaScript so it knew what app it was on etc. 

Using it in the theme wasn't possible, because it didn't have the module wrapper. Now it works 🚀.

Improved Data-Filtering Features

The new Data() command helps you open an admin-list of all items/entities and helps you apply filters to only get the items relevant for the current context. 

Other Toolbar Enhancements

  1. New Group() command on the Toolbar Builder lets you create groups of buttons - see tutorial
  2. The glow on the icons from v13 was removed again
  3. The image-toolbar won't appear on images of demo-items, so preview content won't be changed by accident
  4. Toolbars which are set to align or float left will now automatically put the ellipsis to the left as well, unless specifically configured. This is important because otherwise the ellipsis would skip around as the toolbar width changed.
  5. The functionality show=always didn't work reliably - it does now
  6. By default even normal toolbars appeared on mouse-over if they were inside HTML which had floating active. The new ToolbarBuilder.AsTag() doesn't do this any more. So toolbars created this way will be visible all the time - unless explicitly set to hover. 
  7. The toolbar rules set on the server are passed as text to the JavaScript. This made it difficult for complex data such as XML to be forwarded. Now it will automatically be base64 encoded and decoded. 

Security Improvements

Security is super important to us, so even though there is no known security issue on 2sxc, we've added the following safeguards to let us all sleep even better:

  1. Removal of SharpZipLib from 2sxc (it is part of DNN, but future versions will stop using it)
  2. Upgrades of the Image Resizer to handle special issues when uninstalling the telerik security patch
  3. Change the .data folder in the app to App_Data which makes in inacessible from outside access (mainly used for git-sync scenarios)

Other Improvements

2sxc 14.08 - 14.12 has many other improvements including updates of third party components (and removal of SharpZipLib) which will make it better and more secure. It also removes Newtonsoft and replaces it with System.Text.Json

Check out the full list on the github release.

Love from Switzerland and Croatia
iJungleboy, Tonci - and new in the team: Duje

Daniel Mettler grew up in the jungles of Indonesia and is founder and CEO of 2sic internet solutions in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, an 20-head web specialist with over 800 DNN projects since 1999. He is also chief architect of 2sxc (see github), an open source module for creating attractive content and DNN Apps.

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