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Toolbar for Designers and Devs in 2sxc 8.6

2sxc 8.6 contains a large refactoring of the in-page toolbar, massively improving the work flow for developers and designer. Here's what's new.

View (Template) Button Group

The first advanced button group is all about the view (template). It now provides buttons for

  1. edit source code
  2. edit view settings
  3. edit all data-items (table-style) of all items with the type shown in this view
  4. edit the query (visual pipeline designer) assigned to this view (disabled if no query is used)
  5. edit the content-type configuration (of the type assigned to this view)

App Button Group

The second group shows all buttons related to the app. So we now have buttons for:

  1. app (manage the entire app)
  2. app settings - visible on apps (not content) and only if this app has settings
  3. app resources - visible on apps (not content), and only if this app has resources
  4. all apps - manage all apps, import apps, etc.

Auto-Toolbar If Missing

Onether great feature is that all views which don't have a toolbar will automatically get one. This makes editing initial templates much easier and helps with the general workflow. 

Love from Switzerland...


Daniel Mettler grew up in the jungles of Indonesia and is founder and CEO of 2sic internet solutions in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, an 20-head web specialist with over 800 DNN projects since 1999. He is also chief architect of 2sxc (see github), an open source module for creating attractive content and DNN Apps.

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