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Vote on what we should develop next - UI, Apps, Data, Features

We've been contributing thousands of hours to DNN development - mostly in regards to 2sxc, Razor, AngularJS, Training blogs and similar. As we continue to develop 2sxc, we often focus on aspects we need or our customers need - but we would like to hear your voice - so that we can focus on those priorities as well.

Our Ideas for Next Improvements

Now with 2sxc there are 2-3 challenges left to tackle - and with our limited resources, we want to know what is most urgent to you. The options I can think of ATM are:

In-Page Content Editing

This would mean that the user could click on something - like an Intro-text, a text/page combination or even a complex record containing 10-20 fields, and would edit most of this without an additional dialog. So drag-drop image-upload, in-layout texting etc.

Mobile Editing

Here's another one of our visions: I believe we can do it and we have some pretty cool ideas. But is there a need for this? What do you think?

Data Import/Export

Here various topics exist - like migrating data to/from other tools (Umbraco, Drupal, Form&List, Xmod, custom data-bases etc.). Is there a need? We have some really cool tools that are 80% done, but they are hidden because they are not perfect. Should we surface them even though they are not perfect, or should we prioritize them? 


Currently you can't export a page and expect the re-import to look the same yet. The reason is that the content-items are not fully mapped to the module in a way that they can be transferred automatically. We're also thinking of more control what is exported imported etc.

Safe-Apps without code on the Server

This is a great vision of ours, to create Google-Optimized, fully animated, interactive data-output systems without any server code. We can do it (we have some secret internal demos :). This would allow a new dimension of hosting, because a shared DNN could still have users add functionality at portal level, without risking security or stability of the entire system.

More Apps

Here's actually something where we need your contributions! Please develop more apps - create Apps from awesome existing open-source scripts and more!

More Data-Sources

To use 2sxc to easily visualize CSVs, SQL and more. In combination with Safe-Apps (no server code) you could create amazing solutions using existing data - with AngularJS, WebAPI and more without any server-side code!

More Extensive WebAPI

To maybe create complex data-management stuff…Is there a need for complex, custom multi-language UIs?

Integrate App-Catalog for 1-click Installs

Would be nice to show all Apps within DNN and provide 1-click installs. Since these Apps can't break DNN, this would be very slick and make people want to try more Apps. 

Special Reduced Editing-UI

A kind of minimal WYSIWYG with bold/italic, numbering etc. but without all the features, that shouldn't be in a normal content-block (since things like tables etc. will usually not be responsive). 

Nicer UI for the Settings-Dialogs

The current web-designer UI is a bit uncool. Create Content-Types and similar is a totally unsexy. Is it important to rework it?

More Demos and Trainings

Blogs, Videos, Tutorial-Apps. BTW: We would also appreciate more contributions from others here :)

More Documentation



Right now Apps can be installed, customized and more. Upgrading is not really a priority so far, since ccustomizations usually make an upgrade impossible. At least right now.

More Language Packs

So far English and German (Deutsch) are managed by us, we have a few volunteers helping with Dutch, Ukrainian, Russian etc. Do we need more? Can you contribute something?

Better In-2sxc-Template/Programming UI

Does it need a better tool to develop templates, program WebAPIs? Or does everybody use Visual-Studio so there may be no need…

So what's your priority?

Please post your needs, priorities, wishes and ideas in addition to these.


With love from Switzerland,

Daniel Mettler grew up in the jungles of Indonesia and is founder and CEO of 2sic internet solutions in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, an 20-head web specialist with over 800 DNN projects since 1999. He is also chief architect of 2sxc (see github), an open source module for creating attractive content and DNN Apps.

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