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Design-Element Templates - Templates Without Data

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Introduced in Version 01.00.00

Sometimes you just want to add piece of HTML to your page that will always be the same - like a decorative line. Since you're not adding any data, there is no content-type to choose from. This is where the Design-Element is used.

Examples for this Feature

  1. Decorative separation lines (HR-tag with CSS or images)
  2. Recurring decorative element
  3. An invisible element, which may have an effect on print-page-breaks or similar

Special Use Case for the Content Area

This simple concept is as follows

  1. If you create a template without giving it a content-type, it will have "no content-type"
  2. When a user adds a "Content" module to a page he is offered with a choice of content-types - usually "Simple Content", "Person", etc. 
  3. If there are templates without content-types, the dropdown will also provide a option called "Design Elements"

That's it :)