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Gallery App v6 using Fancybox 3 (Hybrid - for Dnn and Oqtane)

A simple, easy to customize Gallery-App for DNN (DotNetNuke) based on the awesome fancybox 3.
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Detailed Description

General features

  • Create metadata for images
  • Show images in a lightbox on click
    • Navigate trough the album 
    • Zoom the image
    • Start a slideshow
    • Activate thumbnail overview
  • Configure sorting of the images


View specific features

  • Albums (many)
    • Automated detail view, showing after click on album
    • Option to set the thumbnail of an album
  • Single Album with equal tiles and lightbox
    • Displays all images in equal width and height
  • Single Album with masonry tiles and lightbox
    • Displays the images in equal width but different heights


System Info

v. 06.00.00
GUID: 46d319be-70f5-40c5-aaf1-a827e2d863bd
for 2sxc 12.00.00

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Are you new to DNN-Apps?

If this is the first time you've seen DNN-Apps and would like to try one - just install 2sxc first, then install this app inside it.