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Mobius Forms 2 with File Upload

Mobius Forms is a online form, which can be customized to be everything. The basic concept is:

  1. you create a form using standard html
  2. submit works with a javascript, which sends it to the web-api
  3. the web-api creates a data-item of the type you want, and sends various e-mails
  4. you can easily customize whatever you want, because it's all in simple code
  5. NEW: File upload allows your forms to also have file-picker fields (new in 2.0, requires 2sxc 9.30)

Check out the screenshots to see what it can do and how you can customize it:

Read details below

Detailed Description

Note that instructions for customizing can be found in the Mobius Forms Wiki.

System Info

v. 02.00.00
GUID: 74c59dba-8e66-463a-b6fc-752b98c71a57
for 2sxc 09.30.00

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