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Mobius Forms v5 with Mailchimp, Recaptcha and more

Mobius Forms is a online form, which can be customized to be everything. It provides 5 simple forms like contact or register-mailchimp to get started, but the core value is that you can customize it any way you want: 

  1. you create a form using standard html
  2. submit works with a javascript, which sends it to the web-api
  3. the web-api creates a data-item of the type you want, and sends various e-mails
  4. you can easily customize whatever you want, because it's all in simple code

Check out the screenshots to see what it can do and how you can customize it:

Read details below

Detailed Description

Note that instructions for customizing can be found in the Mobius Forms Wiki and as recipes. Here some more features/highlights:

  1. Razor E-Mail Templates allow you to create e-mails with custom logic for any kind of mail you need
  2. File upload allows your forms to also have file-picker fields
  3. Mailchimp support out-of-the box for all forms - so you can create support-request forms and similar and just add a checkbox to also register the users in MailChimp (new in 3.0)
  4. Polymorph support, so you can make changes to forms on a live site without affecting the production form (new in 3.0)
  5. Webpack support for your custom JS and CSS (new in 3.0)
  6. Recipes to get started on

System Info

v. 05.09.00
GUID: ea777610-00e3-462f-8a3e-90a09a6e1109
for 2sxc 16.00.00


  1. V. 05.00.00 (5/11/2021)
    1. Updated to v12 best-practices
    2. Removed all jQuery dependencies
    3. Hybrid - now works in Dnn and Oqtane
  2. V. 05.00.01 (11/8/2021)
  3. V. 05.03.00 (12/14/2021)
    1. optimized for Bootstrap 5
  4. V. 05.03.01 (1/5/2022)
    1. Set default view
    2. Updated License
  5. V. 05.03.02 (1/24/2022)
    1. Fixed a bug that caused files to load incorrectly
    2. Fixed a bug in email template
  6. V. 05.04.00 (6/9/2022)
    1. Added web.config with required assemblies
    2. Changed all access to services to ToSic.Sxc.Services
    3. Changed instances of Edit.Enable to page.Activate()
    4. Changed uses of the Eav.Configuration.IFeaturesService to Sxc.Services.IFeaturesService
    5. Updated JS to use new webapi methods (fetch -> fetchRaw)
  7. V. 05.05.00 (7/4/2022)
    1. Replaced all base classes with their 2sxc 14 equivalents
    2. Replaced all GetService<> with the new ServiceKit14
    3. Updated webpack
    4. Updated all toolbar configurations to use the IToolbarService
  8. V. 05.05.01 (8/17/2022)

    1. Fixed the warnings for the forms

  9. V. 05.05.02 (9/21/2022)
    1. Increased 2sxc Requirement to 14.09
  10. V. 05.07.02 (5/31/2023)
    1. New 2sxc 16.02 Standards
  11. V. 05.08.00 (8/23/2023)


    1. Custom.Hybrid.ApiPro -> ApiTyped

    2. Custom.Hybrid.CodePro -> CodeTyped

    3. Custom.Hybrid.RazorPro -> RazorTyped

  12. V. 05.08.01 (11/13/2023)

    Bugfix Multiple File Upload (Conversion to type was wrong)

  13. V. 05.09.00 (11/14/2022)
    Typed contactFormRequest and refactore code

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