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News for 2sxc v5

This news app is all you need for your DNN (DotNetNuke) News. It's a lot like an articles-module but more powerful, and super-easy to customize and extend.

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Detailed Description

The app has features like

  1. List / Details as you expect
  2. Top-News extract (for the home page or similar)
  3. Multi-language, with German and English already included
  4. Multi-CSS Framework using Koi - already optimized for Bootstrap 3 and 4
  5. Super easy to extend with more fields for anything you need
  6. Super easy to customize the output using Razor
  7. Super-easy to change what news are shown using visual query

It offers hundreds of tiny features as you'll discover, like

  • Dates to restrict show from/till to archive old news automatically
  • News categories for filtering
  • Image resizer with dynamic hotspot (so the resized image always shows the important parts)
  • ...and way more :)

System Info

v. 05.02.03
GUID: fee52b41-bf97-4f3a-a44f-e267180ad12c
for 2sxc 12.05.00


  1. V. 04.01.01 (5/11/2020)
  2. V. 05.00.00 (12/17/2021)
    1. updated to 2sxc 12.5 standards
    2. made hybrid / compatible with Oqtane
    3. removed jQuery
  3. V. 05.00.01 (1/5/2022)
    1. Set default view
    2. Updated License
  4. V. 05.00.02 (3/2/2022)
    1. Bugfix assets
  5. V. 05.01.00 (6/15/2022)
    1. Changed all access to Services to ToSic.Sxc.Services
    2. Implemented IScrub service
    3. Made the teaser optional
    4. Changed the detail page URL generation for bs3
    5. Enabled image configuration
    6. Replaced data-enableoptimization with pageSvc.AssetAttributes()
    7. Changed fancybox image to use the new IImageService to load images
  6. V. 05.02.00 (7/5/2022)
    1. Replaced all base classes with their 2sxc 14 migration
    2. Changed all GetService<> to the new ServiceKit14
    3. Changed all toolbar configurations to use the IToolbarService
    4. Updated webpack
  7. V. 05.02.01 (7/6/2022)

    Bugfix for issue #24.

  8. V. 05.02.02 (9/21/2022)
    1. Increased 2sxc Requirement to 14.09
  9. V. 05.02.03 (1/18/2023)
    1. Bootstrap 3 refactoring
    2. Updated to new 2sxc Standards

All Main Versions

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Are you new to DNN-Apps?

If this is the first time you've seen DNN-Apps and would like to try one - just install 2sxc first, then install this app inside it.