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Tutorial and Template App for Angular 14 in DNN and 2sxc

System Info

v. 14.07.05
GUID: f714d7a4-df42-4fa6-b541-372d71efaa61
for 2sxc 11.11.00


  1. V. 14.00.00 (7/11/2022)
    1. Migration to Angular 14
    2. dnn-sxc-angular replaced by new sxc-angular lib (v14.07.01)
    3. Using latest (v14.07.03) 2sxc-typings
  2. V. 11.00.00 (7/11/2022)
    1. Now supports lazy-loading both in ng serve mode as well as the final built mode in a 2sxc folder.
  3. V. 14.07.05 (8/23/2022)
    1. Migrated the app to the 14.07 best practices
    2. Changed the toolbar tutorials to also show the new IToolbarBuilder
    3. Added a CmsContext tutorial

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