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Tutorial - Custom DataSource Basic

  1. A demo app showing how a custom DataSource is used. Requires you to also install some DLLs containing the custom DataSource. 

Please read the blog I wrote about creating Custom DataSources.

This App is meant for C#-Programmers who would like to develop a custom DataSource. Such programmers should start with the Custom DataSource Docs.

You'll also need to install the DLLs - which are linked in the Docs. 

System Info

v. 11.13.00
GUID: 191f3f55-0490-4dad-ad5e-fb887152d5e7
for 2sxc 11.13.00

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Are you new to DNN-Apps?

If this is the first time you've seen DNN-Apps and would like to try one - just install 2sxc first, then install this app inside it.