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Content Management for DNN in 1 Second

What makes 2sxc so special (when managing content) is the way it interacts with the content editor and the end user. Here the key highlights when using 2sxc only as content-management:

Superfast Perfect Preview - with subtle hover buttons

All relevant actions are available in View-Mode (not the slow edit mode) and the buttons are invisible, till you hover over an editable element. This give you a very fast page speed and a preview exactly how the end user will see it. 

Preview Bonus: You can also save content in draft-mode and publish later, so editors can review the changes.

Superfast editing - 1 Second per Interaction

When you click edit, you'll be surprised how immediate the dialogs appear - and when you press save, you won't even see the page reload. 

Superfast Swapping of View-Templates - in 1 Second

If you need to re-layout your content it's fun to try various looks. This too happens without a page reload, making it so fast, that you'll actually enjoy trying out various layouts. 

Upload and link a document - in 1 second

There are various ways to link files - both in a structured way (a file-field in your content-type) or in the WYSIWYG / Rich-Text editor. What all have in common: it will take you only one second to drop the file from your device - everything else just happens. 

This is achieved using ADAM - the Automatic Digital Assets Manager

Upload and link and resize an image - in 1 second

Handling images has various additional features but for the content editor it's the same, lightning fast experience. The template designer (usually a web designer) will usually pre-define how an image should be displayed and resized - and if this was not defined, then 2sxc will provide alternate super-fast alternatives. Drag in image. Done.  

This too is provided using ADAM.

Intelligent Templates take care of the layouts

The design of content is handled by intelligent templates which also take care of content-layout like image-positioning and resizing, responsive changes to the layout as necessary and retina optimizations. This has so many benefits we won't even start listing them here.

Creating such templates is very easy, you need an HTML/CSS person to take care of design. This allows non-techies to really manage content and focus on the massage.

Automated Image Handling for Responsive and Retina

2sxc comes with everything you need for perfect images. The content editor will just upload the image, 2sxc will take care of cropping, resizing, positioning, caching and more. 

If your template is intelligent enough, it will even do retina optimization for you. 

This is all made possible by the amazing from Imazen.

Best WYSIWYG experience in all of DNN

What makes the WYSIWYG in 2sxc unique is that we clearly separate design from content. The design of content is handled by intelligent templates and in 99% of all content-cases it should not happen in the WYSIWYG. Based on this unique approach we were able to provide an extremely fast and reliable WYSIWYG editor fully optimized to this specific task. 

You will be amazed by it's speed, realiability, word-paste-capabilities and everything.