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Content in multiple languages (Multilingual Content)

Version 4.0 of 2SexyContent delivers the best multilingual content management ever in DotNetNuke (note: If you don't know how to enable languages, click here for help). We're not kidding! Watch this demo/training video. Imagine features like the following:

Only Translate Changes.

You must only translate the differences to the master-language, or as little as possible. Then inherit everything else from the default language.
Example: in a designed element with Title/Image/Link you only want to change the title in other languages, and inherit the image and link from the initial values. This way if you ever change the link, all languages automatically use the new link. 

Translate it with Google.

Machine aided translation. One click away.
We're from Switzerland, where almost every web site needs up to 5 languages. And our hourly rates are crazy - so we really love this feature :). Machine-aided translation may not be perfect, but it saves a lot of time. 

Inherit from Other Languages.

You can inherit from the default language. But you can also inherit from any other language.
Example: If your default language is English, and you also have fr-FR (French in France) and fr-BE (French in Belgium) you can make the Belgian Title inherit the Title of France. Whenever you update the Title in France, the Belgian Title is automatically updated. And the Image/Link can still be inherited from the default language (English). 

Share With Other Languages.

A shared field can be edited from all languages that share it (automatically affecting all languages).
This is different from inheriting a field, where I get the value as read-only and always get the latest version. In Share mode some languages - say de-DE and de-CH have the same information and both can edit it. 

Copy from Other Languages

Without changing languages you can easily copy the value of fields from other languages.
Example: you're translating de-CH (German in Switzerland) after de-DE (German in Germany) was already entered. You know that the content is identical except for some spelling, so you want to quickly get the de-DE so that you can then fix the spelling. 

Extremely Elegant UI.

Almost Invisible. Right there when you need it. And always informing you of relationships.
We've spent almost a week perfecting the UI, and got all these advanced features to be almost invisible, but always there when you need it. We also added some special visual queues so you always know when a field is being shared across languages - you'll love it! 

3-Minute Training.

Show once. Understand immediately. Instantly understandable.
Screw manuals and training. show it to a normal user and he'll just get it - promise! 

Work Efficiently.

You can do all this one field at a time. You can also change all fields at once.
Using the extended menu for all items, any operation like "copy from de-DE" can be applied to all fields in one go. 

Your ML, Your Way.

Using DotNetNuke-ML Capabilities? This is for you! Using the classic "1-Page has all translations" concept? This is for you!

Linked, Independent Languages.

Want to use the standard DNN-languages? Perfect. Want to use a different language set? Perfect.
2SexyContent can activate all languages your DNN has, but it can also be limited to fewer languages. This is helpfull for cases where many languages are activated (because of the UI) but your content should only be in a smaller set of languages.