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AttributeFilter DataSource removes unwanted Attributes from JSON

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Introduced in Version 07.00.00

Passing data in query through this DataSource will help you remove many attributes to make your JSON smaller and also keep hidden fields hidden.  

This is what it looks like in the Visual Query Designer

Streams in the AttributeFilter DataSource

  • In
    • It expects a "Default" in from which it can retrieve all items. By default this is the Default-Out of a Published-DataSource, so that it shows published/unpublished data based on the user-edit permissions
    • You can optionally add other streams to use in configuration - see documentation about the In-token
  • Out - it provides 1 standard Out-streams 
    • Default - containing the slimmed down content-items

Configuration of the AttributeFilter-DataSource

  • There is one field, just add the desired Attributes, comma-separated