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2sxc Documentation

We are currently re-working the documentation structure.

  1. The 2sxc Wiki docs explaining all the concepts and ideas
  2. API documentation for Razor/C#, JavaScript (incl. $2sxc and $cms), WebServices, Edit-UIs etc. 
  3. Features-documentation will be found on this page
  4. Learning tutorials and concepts in Learn
  5. Extensive tutorials for Razor, RazorBlade and Koi
  6. Blogs, examples etc. are of course in Blog

Features of 2sxc with Details and How-To-Use

Filter by

Passing data in query through this DataSource will help you remove many attributes to make your JSON smaller and also keep hidden fields hidden. added-07.00.00
DataSource Data and Data Sources New in 7.x For experts WebApi
AngularJS Apps in DNN are a bit different than outside DNN, mainly because they are not alone (MAP instead of SPA) and also need to know which module they belong to. 2sxc automates the initialization of everything. added-07.00.00
AngularJS For experts JavaScript New in 7.x WebApi
This data source ensures that duplicate requests are served from the cache and that the query doesn't happen any more. added-07.02.00
Visual Query - Data Pipeline Designer SQL DataSource New in 7.x WebApi Query (Data/Visual) Lists Data and Data Sources Database For experts
Using simple server-side commands, you can create entities, edit and delete them in code. Thanks to this feature, you can create your own edit-dialogs or partial dialogs for workflows and similar. Also create simple or complex feedback forms and more. added-06.05
Apps Entities Razor new in 6.x Database For experts WebApi
Thanks to new permissions you can give anonymous users access to Queries or even allow creating content-items (like feedback forms). added-07.01.00
Admin and Edit Dialogs Apps AngularJS For experts WebApi Security JavaScript Visual Query - Data Pipeline Designer
Now 2sxc offers a simple REST API so that you can access content like .../app-content/Feedback/342 to perform all kinds of actions using JavaScript. added-07.01.00
AngularJS Content Types Import/Export JavaScript New in 7.x WebApi
The new visual query designer helps you retrieve, filter and sort data for use in any kind of template - be it Tokens, Razor, JavaScript, AngularJS etc. added-07.00.00
Visual Query - Data Pipeline Designer DataSource Apps For experts New in 7.x Query (Data/Visual) WebApi
Thanks to the fully automated WebAPI integration you can easily include and distribute your WebAPIs with you Apps. added-06.05
Apps For experts Import/Export JavaScript new in 6.x WebApi Razor Token