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Token View-Engine to Template Content

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Introduced in Version 01.00.00

The Token-System is very advanced but simple. It's best suited for 

  1. simple templates/views 
  2. templates/views which don't need much server logic
  3. JavaScript based templates/views which just need an HTML-container for the initial scripts-tags

To learn how to use the tokens-system, visit the Learn Tokens Templates page. 

Together with the Visual Query Designer you can create advanced, powerful systems and it offers many advantages like

  1. Safer than Razor - because you cannot place any real code in this template (which could access databases or the windows-folder)
  2. Editable by normal users without host-permissions (because it's safer)
  3. Much simpler than Razor and easy to understand

Drawbacks of Tokens

  • You cannot place any real logic into the template. So to do advanced things you have to do it in JavaScript or move to Razor