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2sxc Documentation

We are currently re-working the documentation structure.

  1. The 2sxc Wiki docs explaining all the concepts and ideas
  2. API documentation for Razor/C#, JavaScript (incl. $2sxc and $cms), WebServices, Edit-UIs etc. 
  3. Features-documentation will be found on this page
  4. Learning tutorials and concepts in Learn
  5. Extensive tutorials for Razor, RazorBlade and Koi
  6. Blogs, examples etc. are of course in Blog

Features of 2sxc with Details and How-To-Use

Token View-Engine to Template Content

Introduced in Version 01.00.00

The Token-System is very advanced but simple. It's best suited for 

  1. simple templates/views 
  2. templates/views which don't need much server logic
  3. JavaScript based templates/views which just need an HTML-container for the initial scripts-tags

To learn how to use the tokens-system, visit the Learn Tokens Templates page. 

Together with the Visual Query Designer you can create advanced, powerful systems and it offers many advantages like

  1. Safer than Razor - because you cannot place any real code in this template (which could access databases or the windows-folder)
  2. Editable by normal users without host-permissions (because it's safer)
  3. Much simpler than Razor and easy to understand

Drawbacks of Tokens

  • You cannot place any real logic into the template. So to do advanced things you have to do it in JavaScript or move to Razor