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2sxc Repositories on Github

The following information helps you get an overview regarding all the code repositories on Github related to 2sxc and their purpose.  

Primary Repositories

These are the main code repositories which together make up 2sxc as it is distributed

Additional Repositories

2sic (the creators of 2sxc) have many more repositories containing Apps and demo code. The easiest way to find the code of an app is to browse the app-catalog and click on the github-button on the app you like. 

Alternately you can just search the entire 2sic-github for anything beginning with "App-".

Compiling / Building the entire 2sxc solution

To do full development with 2sxc, you need to setup your development environment to match the recommended setup. This is because various part require automation to work efficiently. For example...

  • eav-ui and 2sxc-ui has automation tasks which compile the JS and copy it into a predefined dist-folder in the 2sxc project so that you can test it efficiently
  • the languages and icons are updated back to github and 2sxc-ui will retrieve the defined version using bower
  • the eav-project contains a full solution which compiles both 2sxc and eav for more efficient work style

I must appologize that this isn't perfectly documented, there's just so much to do. You'll find the instructions here in a StackOverflow answer.