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2sxc newsletter every 2-4 weeks

Be informed, trained and inspired

As we add tutorials and features we'll keep you posted. This is much easier than keeping track of github, codeplex, 2sxc-blog, dnn-corp-blog, 2sicgeek-blog, dnn-connect-blog and the documentations. Subscribe here:

What will we inform you about, and how often?

  1. new features 
  2. new tutorials
  3. new solutions
  4. new apps
  5. new blog posts
  6. new technologies - like Grunt, npm, AngularJS and more
  7. critical bugs (and if necessary: security issues) 

We'll send an e-mail every 2-4 weeks summarizing what's been happening. 

Love from Switzerland :)
Daniel, Raphael, Benjamin and the entire 2sic-team