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Web Farm Cache for 2sxc

Use 2sxc in multi-server environments using this farm-cache enhancement which will tie into the multi-server DNN Cache Management. So if you are using DNN in a multi-server environment and have all that set up, this will ensure that 2sxc also refreshes the caches across servers.

What it does

  • Keep memory cache of the data (both 2sxc Content and 2sxc Apps) in sync
  • Tell each server to refresh the cache whenever something is edited
  • ...thereby keeping the servers in sync 

What does it not do

  • File-Sync - this is something you must ensure at server level, either using a shared storage (typically a NAS) or a third-party file-sync system
  • DNN Memory Sharing - this is something you must ensure separately, as this 2sxc Web Farm Cache relies on that. This is usually done using either DNN Pro (aka DNN Evoq) or using a 3rd party DNN web farm cache (open source or otherwise)

Please note that this is an enhancement for 2sxc, the free, open-source CMS / Dynamic-Content System for DNN. It won't do anything when used without 2sxc. 


Because this is an enterprise feature, we want to be sure that you're using it correctly. Here's what you must know:

  1. It's only supported for LTS (Long Term Support) versions of 2sxc
  2. You must have DNN configured to be multi-server - otherwise this feature won't do much for you. So you'll need the DNN-Caches to be in sync before adding the 2sxc-cache provider. This is default in Evoq-Setups, but needs a bit of work to run in standard DNN.  


The price is 500 USD per DNN installation using this cache. 

  1. Pricing covers software and installation support for the cache plugin for up to 3 months after purchase.
  2. Pricing also covers fixes / enhancements to this plugin, if it doesn't perform correctly within 3 months of purchase. This is very unlikely as it's being used on many live servers, but we've added this just so you feel good :)
  3. Pricing is a one-time fee.
  4. Further services will be charged separately.
  5. Pricing does not include any support on 2sxc itself or on anything you build with 2sxc, like Razor, JavaScript, etc.

Annual Subscription

You can also purchase an annual subscription for 750.- per DNN installation per Year, in which case the above description applies, but you are entitled to using the latest releases (incl. new versions) for the duration of the agreement.

If an annual license is cancelled before automatic renewal, you may continue to use the last version released during the subscription. 

Licensing Examples

  1. If you have 1 windows server running any number of DNNs which don't share the cache, you don't need this - for a total of USD 0 :)
  2. if you have 2 DNN servers in a farm, you need 2 licenses for a total of USD 1'000
  3. If you have 2 DNN servers in a farm running 58 portals, you still need 2 licenses for a total of USD 1'000
  4. If you have 6 Windows-Servers each running 3 DNN installations with 275 portals, then you need 1 license per DNN installation using the farm cache, in this case it would be 18 installations (6x3) for a total of USD 9'000
  5. If you have dev-servers running the farm cache, these too need to be licensed. Please keep in mind that it's a very fair price and that often the dev-environment actually needs more of our support - so this is only fair. 


Please use these instructions for reporting what you need. If you have special needs, please contact us

Note that you must purchase at least 2 licenses. Anything else will be ignored.

Please fill in the form mentioned above and send it to info@. To speed things up, please mention that the price is ok for you, so we can send you a bill ASAP and get this going.  

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