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Help Us - Contribute to the Project

2sxc can only become better if you too help. These are the main things you can do:

  1. Spread the word, tell others about it and how much fun it is.
  2. Star it in Github. These ratings are very important for new users.
  3. Blog about it, how to use it, tips, tricks and more.
  4. Create simple demos
  5. Create cool applications (and share)

The following things are requests you could help with

  • Translations - we currently have DE, FR, RU and ca. 5 others and would love to have 20+ languages - see the Language-Pack on Github
  • Create tutorials, instructions, etc.
  • Create demos with JS Frameworks like React, Vue, etc.
  • Contribute a good vCal maker (vCard already exists)
  • ...and we're open for your ideas too!