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Unpublished Save to save draft-changes or hide items

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Introduced in Version

This is a very usefull feature. In 6.0, all saves can now be set to "Published: no". This will cause saves to only be visible for editors. 

NEW in 8.5: You now have up to 3 different options, of which you will see only the appropriate ones. The options in 8.5 now are:

  1. show the item (shows everything you just edited)
  2. hide the item (hide the entire item even if it was published before, NEW in 8.5)
  3. hide changes as draft (hide only the changes you made, but keep the previous "branch" visible)

Here's how it works

  1. Basically an item can be published or not, and if it's not published, then the end-users don't see it, but editors do.
  2. When changing a published item but choosing to not publish the changes, a clone-item is branched and co-exists, but is hidden. This item is the one shown to editors, while end-users see the original branch.

What the Template Designer must know

In the background, all is handled transparently. The templates receive the correct data based on the users Edit-Permissions. 

Using Published-State in Templates

The following Tokens / Variables give your template more control

  • [Content:IsPublished] will return a "true" or "false". Use this to color-mark your output like class="publish-[Content:IsPublished]"
  • @Content.IsPublished has the same effect

The following Razor-Variables offer even more control

  • @Content.GetDraft() -- not quite ready yet
  • @Content.GetPublished() -- not quite ready yet

Have fun!

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