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DNN Razor Tutorial 11.02.03

Learn all about Razor and how to leverage LINQ, Koi and more. You can view the live online edition in our DNN Tutorials.

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Detailed Description


  1. C# basics incl. variables and for-each loops
  2. Razor output to showing the variables as plain text or raw-html.
  3. Razor helpers
  4. Shared code - functions, helpers, templates - for re-use across templates
  5. Working with content (data which is assigned to an instance of a module)
  6. Working with data from the current App
  7. Working with data from Queries in the App
  8. Working with SQL data
  9. Working with CSV data
  10. Working with Koi to ensure that Bootstrap4 is always included

Just download the app and read yourself through the examples.

Note that if you need an older Version of this Tutorial app (because maybe you're using an older version of 2sxc) you can always get it from Github Releases.

System Info

v. 10.02.03
for 2sxc 11.02.00

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If this is the first time you've seen DNN-Apps and would like to try one - just install 2sxc first, then install this app inside it.

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